Membership & Skills

Professional Memberships

  1. Senior Member of IEEE since 25th February 2023
  2. Member of IEEE since 1st January 2013
  3. Member of Power Engineering Society IEEE since 1st January 2014
  4. Member of IEEE Smart Cities Community since 1st March 2014
  5. Member of IEEE Smart Grid Community since 1st March 2014
  6. Member of Indonesian Power Engineering Association IATKI Indonesia since June 2021

I. Power System and Electronics Simulator:

  1. DIgSILENTĀ PowerFactory
  2. PSim
  3. PSpice
  4. Simulink
  5. Proteus

II. Programming Language and Programming Packet:

  1. Matlab
  2. Mathcad

III. Microcontroller and Programmable Logic Controller:

  1. AVR by using basic programming
  2. Micro PLC-Zelio Schneider by using Zelio Soft

IV. Certificate

  1. Simulink Onramp (pdf here)
  2. Matlab Onramp (pdf here)
  3. Control Design Onram with Simulink (pdf here)