Career History

The table below shows my academic career history at Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering the University of Riau, Indonesia.

NoStart DateEnd DateRole
11 December 20031 February 2005Calon Pegawa Negeri Sipil (CPNS)
21 February 20051 April 2008Asisten Ahli, Penata Muda, III-a
31 September 200531 August 2007Study Leave for master degree program
41 April 20081 June 2010Asisten Ahli, Penata Muda Tingkat I III-B
51 June 20101 October 2010Lektor/ Penata Muda Tingkat I/ III-b (Senior Lecturer)
61 October 201031 August 2012Lektor / Penata/III-c (Senior Lecturer)
71 September 201224 March 2016Study Leave for PhD degree program
824 March 20161 June 2016Returning process to University of Riau
91 June 2016NowSenior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering